Towards a smart factory

So far, we have endeavored to “digitize the manufacturing process”. Most of the facilities in Japan and Vietnam are made by HOMAG, and all the facilities are connected by a network. The product is completed within digital data. The processing machines complete the processing from the completed data. People only do tasks that “only humans can do”.
Maximize the potential of equipment by digitizing every process, we will continue to strive for “digitalization of manufacturing processes” to meet the diversifying demands in the future.


Product sales in Vietnam

We entered Vietnam in 2009 and manufacture interior building materials for Japan. In recent years, hotels and stores have opened one after another in Vietnam, and demand for products such as building materials, furniture, and store fixtures is increasing. In addition, there is a lot of demand from end users, and we will provide high quality products that customers want regardless of BtoB or BtoC. Currently, we have started selling furniture mainly in Da Nang City and have achieved good results. In the future, we plan to further increase the area.

In the future, we will continue to promote similar services in Japan.


Delivery record in Vietnam

List of investment equipment in Vietnam

List of investment equipment in Vietnam

Efforts to expand employment for people with disabilities

It does not matter whether people are disabled or have the same nationality, by creating an environment where everyone feel convenient at work, we want to make people able to use their intelligence and experience more flexible in our company.
Therefore, even if there is a disability, if you are a motivated and excellent employee, you will be appointed to general tasks. Three employees from the Disability Employment Support Facility (HOAO Co., Ltd.) have already been transferred to Hoso Sangyou to work (As of February 2018).
In the future, we will continue to actively seek more jobs for people with disabilities.
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