SDGs are enterprises that working on globally to create a world that continues to grow on a global scale, rather than pursuing the interests of themselves, their company, and their own country.

What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

“Sustainable Development Goals”: The so-called “SDGs” are UN development goals consisting of 17 global goals and 169 targets.

Specific efforts

From these 17 goals, we have been certified by the Japan SDGs Association for the efforts of 3 businesses for 8 goals.
Following are our efforts regarding SDGs.

1.Active DX promotion through digitization of manufacturing

Actively introduce equipment that has been converted to a digital network, reduce the burden on workers, make effective use of resources, and reduce human error.

  1. Reduction of transportation work and input work by introducing a material handling system
  2. Realize reduction of paper resources and improvement of productivity by automating operations and digital processing of production information
  3. Improvement of stability and quality by introducing an automatic painting machine
  4. Waste reduction by optimizing packaging materials

2.Contribute to economic development and human resource development in regions and developing countries.

Focus on employee development and take on the challenge of new ways of working. We also promote the creation of rewarding workplaces where diverse human resources can play an active role.

  1. Employment of human resources in developing countries
  2. Employment of persons with disabilities, creation of employment opportunities by supporting continued employment, and guarantee of wages

3.Establishing a safe and secure work environment

Ensure the health of all employees, create a safe and secure working environment, and strengthen institutional functions and human abilities.

  1. Strive to manage the mental and physical health of employees and improve the working environment.
  2. Support the harmony between work and life of employees.