For Hoso Sangyou, regarding to processing information which can identify particular individuals such as customers and business partners related to business (reffered to personal information), we have set out and made efforts to protect rules regarding to the “Personal Information Protection Policy” below

Regarding collecting personal information

Collecting personal information is conducted by legal and fair measures.

Regarding using personal information

  • Identify and clarify the purpose of using personal information within the permitted limits.
  • Using personal information is done by authorized personnel according to specific tasks within the scope of necessary using for the business.

Regarding disclosing and providing personal information to third parties

Except for the following situations, we will never reveal or provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the owner.

  1. In the case of disclosing or providing to an individual who can not determine the status (statistical data, etc.)
  2. In the case of disclosing or providing to processing business within the scope of business.
  3. When the business is taken over by merger, division, transference or other reasons.
  4. When required by law.

Regarding managing personal information

  • We have implemented properly integrated security methods to prevent illegal access to personal information, loss, fraud and disclosure.
  • When outsourcing processing personal information, we will take necessary measures such as signing a suitable contract including the contents of the safety management measures with the outsourcing company.
  • We will set out and implement rules regarding the processing of personal information and continuously improve them.

About disclosure, modification, suspension of using personal information.

When there is request such as disclosure, modification, suspension of using your personal information, we will respond after confirming whether it is yours or not.

Compliance with laws and regulations

We will continuously consider and improve the information of this Personal Information Protecting Policy while complying with laws and regulations related to processing personal information.

Contact about Security Policy

Any questions regarding processing personal information, please contact:
Hoso Sangyou Joint Stock Company
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Phone: 058-384-4905 FAX: 058-384-4908