Towards a woodworking company one step ahead

Thank you for visiting Hoso Sangyo Co., Ltd.’s recruitment information.
We manufacture interior building materials such as counters, cabinets and store fixtures with orders from building material manufacturers, house manufacturers, and design companies.

We are working on making a smart factory by applying painting machine and advanced processing machines from Germany, and linking the processing machine to our system. As we aim to be a woodworking company that is one step ahead, we are always looking for people to work with us.

Application Requirements

We are recruiting for the following positions, looking forward to your active entry.
If you are interested in, please feel free to contact us, such as “I would like to hear from you”, “I would like to visit the factory”, or “I would like to have an interview”.

1.Sales (Full-time employees)

Your job is to propose and sell counters and cabinets manufactured by the company.
It will be an ideal job where you can feel the joy of having a product that you have planned and designed yourself and will be adopted by customer.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who like to come up with ideas and to work on new things.

※Mainly corporate sales, there is no dividing sales.
No previous experience required.

※Those who can go on an overseas business trip. (At the time of new startup, there is a business trip to Vietnam for about one week)

2.Sales office work (Full-time/part-time)

It is a job to back up and support sales representatives so that they can sell more products.
Through office work, you will be responsible for various business processes such as creating quotations, inputing data, and coordinating with customers.
This is a job category that involves many new projects, so we are looking forward to receiving applications from those who like to take on new challenges.

※No previous experience required.

3.Manufacturing work (Full-time/part-time)

It is a job to perform counter work/ordering work with customers.
Every day, we receive various requests from customers, such as adjusting delivery dates and changing delivery destinations.
While confirming the contents, the production and shipment will be adjusted.
Since you will have the most opportunities to interact with customers, we are waiting for people who can work as the “face of the company”.

※No previous experience required.

4.Manufacturing management (Full-time employees)

This is a job that involves the manufacturing management of counters and cabinets.
We aim to be a “woodworking company one step ahead” and are working on smart factories.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who are willing to work on creating a system for efficient production using the latest woodworking machinery.

※No previous experience required.

5.Quality management (Full-time employees)

It is a job to perform quality control of the Kakamigahara factory and the Vietnam factory.
You will work on various problems related to quality control, such as solving quality problems that occur in the factory and reducing defect rates.
Moreover, you will also be involved in the management of various quality documents such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and legal wood certification.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who can work on improving the quality of products through quality control.

※No previous experience required.

6.Logistics management (Full-time employees)

Your job is to operate the company’s warehouse and perform shipping operations.
You will work on various problems related to logistics and the creation of a system for efficiently stocking and shipping container products that arrive every week.
We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who can work on optimizing inventory and creating a delivery system through logistics management.

※Required: Forklift license (If you do not have, we can pay for it.)

※No previous experience required.

Application Requirements
Employment status Full-time, part-time
Salary Full-time employee: From 185,000 yen monthly (depending on positions and experience)
※In addition to monthly salary, there are various allowances (transportation expenses, overtime allowance, family allowance, housing allowance, etc.)

Part-time employee: From 1,000 yen hourly (determined by job type and experience)
※If you would like to work at specific hours, please discuss this with us at the time of your interview.

Work location Hoso Sangyou Co., Ltd. Kakamigahara Factory (Kakamigahara City, Gifu Prefecture)
Working time 8:30~17:35 (with 65 minutes break)
Annual holiday 105 days (2 days off per week / Saturdays, Sundays, Year-end and New Year, Golden Week, Obon holidays available)
※Saturdays may be working days depending on national holidays.
Welfare Full social insurance and defined contribution pension system
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Qualification requirements Nationality, educational background, and gender are not required.
International students: Must have JLPT N2 or higher.
PC skill: At least, to be able to operate blind touch. (all occupations)
Selection criteria We will comprehensively judge the compatibility with the corporate culture and adopt
Kind of person we are looking for 1) Those who can work cooperatively regardless of nationality or position.
※Our company employs people of various nationalities and positions, such as continuous employment support type A office (adjacent) and overseas trainees.
2) Those who can think and conduct on the products and services that customers want from the customer’s point of view.
3) Those who are interested in furniture, design and space design.
Planned number of hires Each department 1 to 2 people

Recruit Contact

We are also looking for students who want to do an internship.
If you are interested, please contact us at the following.
058-384-4905 (Usami, General Affairs Department)

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