Over 80 years of experience and reliable quality, we have been contributing to the local community as a specialized woodwork manufacturing company.

Hoso Sangyou was founded in 1938 (Showa 13th) as a manufacturer of construction accessories. Starting production from a small wood mill, in the process of colliding with practicality, gaining experience and continuously improving machinery and equipment, we have been pursuing the quality, price and delivery time required by customers every day. Currently, we have our own factory at Kakamigahara, Gifu Prefecture, and build a homogeneous system (OEM) in the production of products such as kitchen counters, window counters, reception counters, countertops, artificial marble counters (Korian).

We believe that with 80 years of history, we can flexibly respond to customer requirements as well as changes of the times and will devote our best.

Without self-satisfaction with the present, we always strive to build a sustainable business and contribute to the society.

Supports various shape processing

We have been promoting the digitization of manufacturing so far. This makes it possible to mass-produce single-item orders with different designs and size specifications.

Firstly, complete the product in the data. Digital processing machines in the network perform “multiple processing” with “multiple machines”. Everything is managed by barcode, and the product is made without mistakes. We can propose stable quality, stable price, and stable delivery time according to customer needs.

>> Our company is introduced on the IMOS website.

Correspond to painting of wood products

We have a modern automatic paint sprayer (1 machine) and a system of four-meter-long painting room (6 booths) which are professional in painting wooden products.
Depending on the purpose, it is possible to respond to a wide variety of paintings by switching between automatic painting machines and hand-painted by installing many booths.
In addition, we guarantee the quality of all products are homogeneous from the processing to the painting stage.

Perfect order receipt system

We build an independent core system to manage production and constantly improve the system every day to meet every need that arises.
Products produced by our company are controlled by each individual item code, so we can monitor production regardless of whether the goods are manufactured or exported (domestic and foreign factories operate with the same system)
Moreover, since the core system is built independently, it can be used based on customer needs.

Towards an attractive factory

For us, the factory is also a part of business activity, so we conduct cleaning daily before break time.
In addition, by understanding everyone’s situation and helping each other, we are building a friendly working environment.
By keeping the factory clean, our employees always keep the core of 5S and constantly create a good working environment to produce good products.

Efforts towards quality

We have achieved the international standard” ISO 9001″of the Quality Management System, and we are working to further improve the quality in order to provide customers with products that are satisfying and reliable.

Quality Policy:

  1. Ensure products meet the quality requirements, meet the expectations and interests of customers, constantly improve customer satisfaction.
  2. Always comply with the quality requirements prescribed by law and follow the commitments with customers.
  3. Develop and apply appropriately and synchronously the quality objectives in accordance with the Company’s quality policy.
  4. Ensure to convey to all employees of the company and related persons clearly understand this policy.
  5. This policy is published when necessary.
  6. Regularly maintain to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System.

Environment policy

We promote all activities that related to the manufacture of interior fixtures based on the basic philosophy of “conducting corporate activities with due consideration for all environmental conservation, including the global environment.”
Aiming to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations, continuous reduction of environmental impact, and prevention of environmental pollution.
Establish, implement, and maintain an environmental management system, and promote activities aimed at continuously improving the system.

  1. In carrying out business activities, we strive to prevent environmental pollution by giving consideration to local communities and natural ecosystems.
  2. Building an environmental management system in accordance with ISO14001, promote environmental management and conservation, and strive for continuous improvement.
  3. Environmental targets are set and operated appropriately.
  4. Complying with legal requirements applicable to our environmental aspects and other requirements that we agree to.
  5. Striving to use resources and energy efficiently, and make effective use of the earth’s resources.
  6. The environment policy is documented and made known to all members, and the necessary environmental education program is also carried out.
  7. The environment policy is popular with interested parties such as customers, local residents, business partners, and public institutions as necessary.